About Us

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ...

Well, it wasn't in a distant galaxy, but rather a long time ago. WiseMapping originated as an idea between two friends, Paulo Veiga and Pablo Luna, back in 2007. Both of us possess a fervor for mind maps and employ them daily. To our astonishment, no cloud-based solutions were available for our use. Thus, we concluded that this presented a promising opportunity to embark on the project. We encountered numerous challenges, given that HTML 5 had not yet emerged and been widely adopted. Delivering enriched interactive experiences using SVG was in its nascent stages. Despite these obstacles and after countless late nights, we managed to release the initial version of WiseMapping by the close of 2007.

Another successful Silicon Valley story... Are you now wealthy and retired?

Indeed, for various reasons, we were unable to establish a sustainable business model. As time passed, the project gradually evolved into a weekend hobby endeavor.

Thanks ...

During this journet to build WiseMapping, there have been several people that contributed over the years. Thanks to Ignacio Manzano, Ezequiel Bergamaschi, Rafael Torrado.